About Us

Our Mission and Vision:

Our mission at Élan Apparel is to create confidence on both the inside and outside through fashion. We pride ourselves on being “Unapologetically Stylish" and showing women how to be confident and express themselves through their own unique style. 

Élan Apparel is her favorite destination for bold and elevated style. We were created for the women who are obsessed with standing out and being the center of attention -- because she always looks good! We bring her styles that will add extra flair to her closet and versatile looks that she won't be able to find at every other boutique. Our slogan is "Style Like No Other" because we don't necessarily follow the latest trends and keep up with "fast fashion" we simply focus on statement pieces, providing the best quality, and bringing our customers something different.

As a brand we plan to inspire and empower women through style and confidence. 


Our Core Values:

  1. Committed to Quality - We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and customer service. 
  2. Innovation is Key - We challenge ourselves to be open minded and to ignore the status quo. We believe its important to think about what IS possible and to constantly create new ideas and solutions in order to further develop our business and brand.
  3. Passion In All That We Do - Passion is the fuel for purpose and as a company we care deeply about how and why we do what we do. We are passionate about building relationships with our customers and giving them the best service. 
  4. Embrace Change/Growth - We are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve. Even if we are doing something well today we know that it's important to keep doing things better tomorrow, next month and next year. There is always a new idea, insight, or procedure that may raise the bar a little higher than before so we continuously seek out and embrace change. 


What Does Élan Mean?

e•lan / ā'lan (n.) Distinctive and Stylish, Confident Energy, Flair


The Story:

Starting this boutique was just the beginning for CEO and Creative Director, Alexis Lee! At the age of 22 not only did she graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, but she decided to start her journey as a Fashionpreneur. She used all of the money in her savings account to get her licenses/permits, create a website, buy inventory, supplies, marketing materials and everything else she needed to start her FIRST business and brand, Élan Apparel.

Working in retail for a little over 6 years and now working on the Buying and Merchandising Department for a major shoe company, she understands everything from running a successful business to knowing and valuing what the customer wants/needs.